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Pacilantic tile is all hand-crafted and hand-painted. All the tiles are hand-crafted and painted stroke by stroke by the artists who graduated from the art school. The unique glaze shows the enamel glass feeling. Besides unique glaze, to create a beautiful tile or mural also requires a high degree of skill.

The artist first has to draw the outline on the raw tile, then use the tube-line craft skill to highlight the object. The tube lining is a method of decorating glazed tiles. It needs very steady hands and great skills to create unbroken, smooth lines. After the outline is done, different colored translucent glazes are applied - again by hand - to the separate areas of the design to create miniature works of art. Since all the glazes look similar before firing (all in orange color), the artists have to use their imagination to paint the tile. Although each tile or mural is painted individually, often painted by the same artist, the outcome will not be identical. That's the beauty of hand-crafted and hand-painted tile. Due to the relief outline and special stone inlay technique, the finished tile has a textured finish with a 3-Dimensional appearance. The stone inlay technique can be found in the Ocean Live Series, Tropical Fish Mural and Numbers. Each mural has assembling number on the back of each tile. It's easy to puzzle them together.

Ceramic tile kitchens mean more to their creators than just a cool, hard surface for food prep. For many, the freedom of depicting their passions, interests or heritage in artistic ceramic tile arrangements is a liberating form of expression. That's why takes the fun art of tiling so very seriously. Forget what you ever thought you knew about tiling. Pacilantic's array of decorative glass tile and ceramics options put the power of artistic expression in your hands like never before. Take a peek at a few of our glass tile mosaic mural examples and let your own imagination conjure unique and exciting landscapes in pebble glass, or stained glass murals or windows in brilliant hues. Consider the beauty and resilience of metal mosaic tile on kitchen backsplashes and foyer ceilings. Take the traditional monochrome swimming pool tile to new and exhilarating depths. Whatever your fantasy home looks like, you can take a step toward it. For more information look to our article directory


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